Penis enlargement with all methods including contour enlargement with filler

Penis enlargement methods

Today, intimate injection contouring methods have been developed and put into practice, with the help of which it is possible to change the size and shape of the penis without surgery and general anesthesia, a long period of rehabilitation and at a lower cost. In modern medicine, great importance is attached to improving the quality of human life. Moreover, a full sex life is an important component of this concept. Interestingly, until recently, sexual health was seen as an integral part of reproductive health, but the Declaration of the World Association of Sexual Health adopted in 2005 in Montreal recognized the right of all of us to seek sexual satisfaction as a component of overall well-being. . .

In the public consciousness, especially in the consciousness of men themselves, masculinity and sexuality are almost synonymous, which is why today so many representatives of the stronger sex are interested in penis enlargement techniques.

Penis size has always been of great importance in the male perception of his masculinity, sexuality and assertion of his self-esteem. This is why dissatisfaction with penis size causes sexual problems in men, rigidity in communication with women, loss of sexual interests, development of various complexes, and even a general lack of confidence in their abilities. It is these cases that can become indications for male intimate plastic surgery. Due to the high social importance of this problem, the question arises about the need to develop effective methods of penis enlargement that can change the quality of sex life of men of all age groups. Today for this there are various methods of male intimate plastic surgery, most of which are surgical.

Basically, these are expensive operations that require certain conditions, equipment and skills. But in recent years simpler and more affordable methods have been developed and put into practice. These include intimate injection contouring methods, which allow to achieve penis enlargement and change the shape of the penis without surgery, general anesthesia, a longer rehabilitation period and at a lower cost. Almost every man knows about safe and effective methods of female breast augmentation, about the possibilities of contouring and intimate plastic surgery, which allow women to emphasize and maintain their attractiveness and external sexuality.

But many men do not know about the existence of modern minimally invasive methods of male intimate plastic surgery, with which you can change the shape of the penis and enlarge the penis, which will certainly help improve the quality of sex life.

When is penis enlargement done?

According to various sources, at least 70% of men want to enlarge their penis. Approximately 60% of them want it to become taller, about 40% dream of a thicker penis and no one wants it to become smaller or thinner. Insufficient penis size causes a man not only rigidity in communication with women and a general lack of confidence in his abilities, but also more negatively affects his ability to produce offspring, namely fertility. According to the WHO, during the last 2-3 decades, in all countries of the world, in addition to low fertility, there has been an increase in the number of infertile marriages, the cause of which in 40-50% of cases is pathology. of the male reproductive system, in the structure of which the proportion of penile micropenia and dysmorphophobia has increased. Moreover, the size of the penis is a reflection of a man's general health, in particular, the state of his endocrine and reproductive system.

The fact is that the size of the penis depends on the amount of sex hormones produced during puberty, that is, when the most intense growth of the external genitalia is observed. A reduced level of male sex hormones not only leads to a slowdown in the growth of penile tissue, but is often the cause of male infertility, as it leads to a reduction, and sometimes even a complete cessation of sperm production. In these cases it is recommended to consider the possibility of male intimate plastic surgery. Data on "average" penis size vary widely.

Different authors evaluate the average size of a normal penis differently, as their ideas are often determined by the cultural and ethnic characteristics of certain countries and regions. However, the normal length of the penis at rest is estimated at 7, 5-10, 5 cm, and in the erect state - 12-18 cm, while its diameter is usually 3, 0-3, 5 cm. read on for anyone thinking about penis enlargement. A fairly large change in the normal length of the penis (from 12 to 18 cm) can be explained by individual changes in the anatomy of the inguinal region, namely the ratio of hidden and free parts of the cavernous bodies and their surrounding shell. There is an opinion that with a normal level of sex hormones and the proper development of the corpora cavernosa in different men, due to their individual characteristics, the sizes of the hidden part of the corpora cavernosa, which is responsible for the connection of the latterwith the pubic bones and, accordingly, the arrangement of the penis, are not the same. In terms of various pathologies, currently known about 20 congenital diseases, characterized by a violation of the production of sex hormones and manifested by the small size of the penis, as well as (in some cases) infertility.

Such cases, of course, require male intimate plastic surgery. The earlier the diagnosis is made and treatment started, the more reasons to talk about its effectiveness. There is evidence in the literature that with fairly normal testicles and fairly well-defined secondary sexual characteristics, a functional penis in full erection can not exceed 2. 5 cm. The term "micropenis" is used in connection with organs of this size. A phenomenon known as "congenital hypoplasia" has also been described, in which the body of the penis is practically absent and its head is attached to the pubic bone. In this case, injection contouring may help.

Although penis size has little or no impact on the possibility of normal sexual intercourse, undergoing a normal erection, some men like to enlarge their penis. Dissatisfaction with the appearance and size of your penis can cause serious reproductive health problems. One of the most frightening complications of penile dysmorphophobia is psychogenic erectile dysfunction, which eventually leads to infertility. Thus, penis size becomes one of the important factors that directly affects fertility and quality of life. Male intimate plastic surgery continues to be a well-known and increasingly common field of plastic surgery. Based on our experience and data from the world literature, we can conclude that more than 70% of the interventions performed in male intimate plastic surgery are surgeries on persons with completely normal anatomical dimensions of the penis. Thus, the main motives of patients who want penis enlargement are:

  • increasing self-esteem;
  • increased sexual attraction;
  • improving the quality of sex life;
  • removal of the "dressing room complex" - a reduction in the feeling of embarrassment in men's companies.

It is known that the length of the penis, to a much lesser extent than its diameter, affects the partner's ability to achieve a vaginal orgasm. Therefore, the desired result is much easier to achieve not by enlarging the penis, but by correcting the diameter of the penis.

Methods for enlarging the penis and correcting its shape

Modern methods of male intimate plastic surgery aim not only to improve the aesthetic and functional results of the interventions, but also to reduce the number of complications. Among such methods are lipophilization, autotransplantation of microsurgical tissues, transposition of vascularized transplants of muscle or fascial fat, installation of various implants. Until recently, autogenous fat lipophilization has been a commonly used method of injection contouring. However, frequent resorption and migration of injected auto fat, as well as cases of fibrosis, have minimized interest in this method. Various synthetic materials (silicone, paraffin, etc. ) have not been widely used for penis enlargement due to frequent complications such as infection, implant migration, tissue sclerosis and necrosis. Professor D. G. Kurbatov et al. for penis enlargement proposed a method of microsurgical autotransplantation of a fascial fat flap rotated from the anterior abdominal wall to a nourishing vascular pedicle. Despite the obvious advantages, the method requires expensive equipment and a specially trained microsurgical team. In the postoperative period, it is necessary to refrain from physical activity for up to 3 months.

Of considerable interest is a new direction in male intimate plastic surgery, based on the implantation of special viscoelastic biogels based on hyaluronic acid under the skin of the penis, which not only compensates for the existing volume deficit, but also improves the skin structure. of the penis. Professor J. J Kim in 2003 conducted relevant studies and obtained the first data on the effectiveness of the use of these biogels in male intimate plastic surgery, showing the possibility of their clinical use. Male injection contouring with hyaluronic acid preparations can help solve sexual problems related not only to the appearance of the penis, but sometimes also to its functional features (the most common problems of this type include premature ejaculation). So, for contour injection plastics, specialists use viscoelastic gel (fillers) based on hyaluronic acid. The composition of these drugs varies with the composition of the fillers that cosmetologists use when performing facial contouring.

In particular, in our practice we use special gels for this. The gel range includes 6 preparations, each of which has its own characteristics and applications. Since 2005, another line drug has been registered in our country, specially designed for intimate plastic surgeries in men and women. With this filler, you can enlarge the penis effectively and safely, adjust the size of the corolla, frenulum, change the body shape of the penis and treat premature ejaculation.

It allows you to work successfully with intimate areas, as it is easily injected, distributes well in tissues, effectively compensates for the missing volume and ensures a lasting result without causing allergic reactions. The drug is produced in single-use syringes with a volume of 0. 8 ml, packed in blisters, which guarantee the safety and absolute sterility of the gel. The intimate injection contouring procedure for men is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia (without sedation). Hyaluronic acid is biodegradable over time and the degree of biodegradation depends on the level of blood supply to a certain area of the body. So, with plastic surgery of the glans penis, the duration of the effect lasts on average 0, 7-1 year, with plastic surgery of the body of the penis, the effect can last up to 1, 5-2 years, so it is recommended to repeat the procedure on averageafter 1-1, 5 years.

Enlargement of the head of the penis

Normally, the diameter of the glans penis at the back of it should exceed the diameter of the body of the penis by 1-2 cm. This contributes to the formation of an "orgasmic cuff" during intercourse. If the size of the head is insufficient, the penis enlargement procedure involves inserting a conditional filler into its lower third and along the course of the coronary groove. In both cases, the volume of drug injected per 1 "step" is from 0, 1-0, 4 ml. When working with the coronal groove, as well as when thickening the head itself, the filler is inserted using the fan technique (in the opposite stroke of the needle) (27G needle). The total minimum volume of the drug in the correction of glans penis is 0. 8 ml, the maximum expected is 2. 0 ml. For uniform distribution of the gel, we recommend that you pre-"hydroprepare" the tissue using a solution of 0. 9% sodium chloride in a volume of 10 ml.


The frenuloplasty technique consists of enlarging the penis by filling the frenulum with gel to increase its volume. The drug is injected into the soft tissue below the frenulum in the amount of 0, 1-0, 3 ml per "step", the needle is 25-27 G, the injection technique is dotted. Inserting the drug directly into the frenulum (ligament) is unacceptable. All male injection contouring methods can be combined and performed in one procedure, while the conditions of rehabilitation and development of complications do not change in any way. The tissues of the external genitalia in men, as well as in women, have a very good blood supply, so healing after such procedures occurs without scarring. During the recovery period, and this is on average 2-3 days, an active sexual life is not recommended.