How to grow a member of folk remedies: 5 effective methods

The question of how to enlarge a penis with folk remedies worries many men who do not like radical measures like plastic surgery. And even if the size of your genitals corresponds to average statistical standards, no one is stopping you from improving yourself. The main advantage of alternative medicine is safety, as natural substances are used. How effective your efforts will be depends on the recipes and methods chosen, the regularity and duration of their implementation. We offer for review the 5 best popular tools for penis enlargement, reviews of men and doctors, as well as which dangerous techniques you should not practice.

Is it possible to change the size of the penis at home

The size of the penis has long determined the masculine power and fertility of the owner. From then until today, every third representative of the male population wants to increase the length and diameter of the phallus. Hence the question, is it really possible to do this with the help of folk remedies at home?

Results can only be achieved with the help of methods that work according to this principle:

  • the extension of the cavernous, cavernous tissue of the shaft of the penis, on which the size of the organ depends directly;
  • increased blood circulation in the groin area, which determines the strength of the erection, the speed of its onset, the extension of the cavernous and cavernous bodies;
  • stimulation of erectile function, libido and power to increase sexual activity in general.

Although the size of the penis does not have a significant impact on sex life, the ability to get pregnant, the problem is of a psychological nature, provoking complex, self-doubts.

Against this background, psychogenic erectile dysfunction can develop over time. Therefore, we recommend that you work on improving your parameters, including the help of folk remedies.

TOP 5 folk remedies to enhance male dignity

Guys with experience in penis enlargement techniques know that if you stick to just one method, the effect will be minimal. Therefore, we have compiled for you a selection of the most effective folk remedies to combine them and observe a positive trend. These are ingredients and recipes that affect the soft tissues of the body, blood circulation and erectile function.

Top 5 folk remedies in the rating table:

Place in the rankings Name strengths disadvantages
A Herbal infusions
  • low price of herbs in pharmacies;
  • health insurance;
  • long-term effect;
  • consistent results;
  • positive effect on the whole body.
  • the result will have to wait a long time;
  • some herbs cause allergic reactions;
  • contraindications chronic diseases of the internal organs;
  • some herbs are hard to find.
2 Massage with honey
  • lack of financial costs;
  • improving blood circulation and metabolic processes;
  • improving erection, prolonging sexual intercourse;
  • consistent result;
  • prevention of stagnant processes, diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • the need for long and regular training;
  • the effect will not be noticeable immediately;
  • honey massage can be painful;
  • Improper performance can result in injury.
3 Ointment with propolis
  • minimum financial cost;
  • there are no contraindications for side effects;
  • beneficial effect on the body;
  • strengthening power;
  • ease of use.
  • long period of use;
  • minor changes, if not combined with other methods;
  • the likelihood of developing allergic reactions;
  • the need for regular preparation of the ointment.
4 oil
  • sustainable long-term result;
  • immediate effect;
  • acceptability of home procedures;
  • an increase not only in length but also in volume;
  • minimum financial cost.
  • change in the appearance of the penis due to uneven accumulation of Vaseline;
  • risk of infection;
  • possible allergic reactions.
five paste soda
  • minimum cost; to buy a product;
  • minimum time spent;
  • stimulation of blood circulation, increased erection;
  • disinfectant, anti-inflammatory properties of the powder;
  • quick effect.
  • temporary effect;
  • injury risks;
  • burning sensation during the procedure;
  • the presence of contraindications.

paste soda

Sodium bicarbonate has the ability to dilute the blood, so it is used in the fight for a strong erection and a large penis. But here it is important to understand that soda does not directly affect the parameters, but indirect changes are still possible if you choose the right technique.

Principle of action of soda:

  • rapid penetration into body tissues;
  • blood thinning;
  • increased blood circulation;
  • cleansing of toxins;
  • destruction of pathogenic flora.
Soda paste for penis enlargement

Instructions for use in recipes:

  1. tray. For 200 ml take a teaspoon of soda. The member is kept in the solution for 15-20 minutes. It is desirable to perform the procedures from 2 weeks or longer, performing exercises after them to stretch the organ.
  2. Compress. Take 100 ml of water, add 2 tablespoons of powder. A bandage or gauze bandage is soaked in the solution, the phallus is wrapped around. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes, it is desirable to perform for at least a month.
  3. stick. Soda is mixed with a small amount of water to make a thick liquid. Rub into the skin of the penis, doing a light massage for 10 minutes. You can repeat the procedure up to 3 times a day for at least a month.


  • BPH;
  • cystitis;
  • thrush;
  • prostatitis;
  • diabetes;
  • allergic dermatitis.

If they are ignored, allergies, microcracks, sores, burns and pain may occur.


Among the safe folk remedies for penis enlargement, the method of using Vaseline is popular. To achieve visible results, it is important to adhere to the recipes for a long time, practicing other methods in parallel. In this case, it is advisable to consult a doctor to assess the risks.

Principle of operation:

  • pumping Vaseline under the skin of the penis;
  • increasing the length and thickness of the ointment liquid.

How to inject Vaseline:

  • the skin of the organ is treated with an antiseptic;
  • at the base of the trunk I pull the skin;
  • prepare a syringe, draw 15 ml of Vaseline in it;
  • a fold is formed from the skin, an injection is made into it;
  • for even distribution, injections are given in several places;
  • finally, the skin is treated with potassium permanganate (a light solution).
Vaseline injections for penis enlargement


  • venereal diseases;
  • phallus damage;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • Vaseline intolerance.

To avoid side effects, Vaseline is administered slowly and carefully. It is advisable to entrust such a task to a person with medical education.

Uneven oil administration can cause bending.

Ointment with propolis

Propolis is a sticky substance used by bees to close cracks in hives. It is a powerful biostimulant applicable in the treatment of many diseases. There is no direct effect on penis size, but experts note a positive effect on erection and potency.

Principle of operation:

  • saturation with trace elements, minerals and vitamins for male potency;
  • normalization of metabolic processes;
  • start regeneration;
  • antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory action;
  • tonic, tonic effect;
  • increasing resistance forces.

Cooking recipes:

  1. Candles. Animal fat (100 g) is melted in a water bath, 50 g of propolis, beeswax (previously rubbed on shavings) are added to it. After dissolving the ingredients, they are poured into molds, frozen in the refrigerator room. Candles are actually used for at least 2 weeks.
  2. Ointment. Mix 100 g of alcohol with 20 g of propolis. The mixture is injected for a week in a dark place. After that, there are added 0, 5 cups of melted butter or Vaseline. The composition is rubbed into the skin of the penis for 2-4 weeks.
  3. Tincture. To 40 g of bee glue add 150 ml of water or alcohol, send it for placement for 14 days in a dark place. Periodically, the composition should be shaken. The tincture is drunk within 30 drops three times a day before meals for 7-14 days.


  • allergy to bee products;
  • intolerance to other ingredients of the composition.

The unique composition of propolis favorably affects the strength, quality of the erection.

Significant increases in penis length and thickness are not expected, but intimate life will definitely shine with new colors.

Massage with honey

Honey contains a complex of vitamins, almost all amino acids, a group of microlytes, as well as enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions in the body. It is recommended to be taken orally, to be used topically, including for penis enlargement. It does not guarantee a direct effect, but indirectly, honey is able to normalize sexual functions and male potency. Therefore, it is combined with manual massage techniques to increase their effectiveness.

Principle of operation:

  • as an aphrodisiac increases libido;
  • has a prolonged action, prolonging sexual intercourse;
  • improves male fertility;
  • normalizes the balance of hormones;
  • strengthening of blood vessels;
  • prevention of stagnant processes;
  • increases orgasmic sensations.

Self-massage technique with honey:

  • take a comfortable body position, for example, sit in a chair with your legs open or lie on a flat surface with pillows under your back;
  • apply warm honey in a water bath on the skin of the penis, hit the organ to achieve an erection of about 60-70%;
  • grasp the base of the organ with a ring of the thumb and forefinger, squeeze slightly;
  • extend the fingers up to the head, without reducing the force of the perimeter;
  • once you have reached the head, rhythmically replace the hand with the second, repeating the movements;
  • repeat the stretching massage for 15-20 minutes so that a workout consists of 50-100 movements (enough for 2 weeks of class), gradually increasing the number of approaches.

Contraindications to massaging the penis with honey:

  • individual intolerance to bee products;
  • injuries, wounds, scratches on the penis;
  • congenital or acquired curvature of the trunk;
  • Acute stage of diseases of the genitourinary system.

For maximum results, and this is up to 2-4 cm in length and up to 1. 5 cm in penis thickness, you should practice massage several times a day for at least 1 month and preferably up to six months.

Other parallel techniques will help increase the effect.

Herbal infusions

When folk remedies are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is herbal medicine. This is one of the most effective popular methods for penis enlargement. To add a few inches in length and diameter, we recommend taking decoctions and infusions from the following herbs:

  1. Ginkgo biloba. Put 1 liter of hot water in a thermos, then 5 g of dried leaves of the plant. Leave the composition for at least 2 hours, drain and drink 70 ml before each meal.
  2. Principle of operation:

    • increased penile sensitivity;
    • source of enzymes for metabolic processes;
    • improving member structure;
    • increased erection, potency.
    • Ginseng. Mix 20 g of crushed plant roots with 200 ml of alcohol in a 70% concentration. Leave the mixture in a dark place for a week, shaking it regularly. Before each meal, take 30 drops of strained solution.
    • Principle of operation:

      • increased immunity;
      • positive effect on sexual functions;
      • increased potency;
      • tonic effect;
      • improving blood circulation;
      • prevention of prostate diseases.
      • Ginger. Peel a squash, grate it and put it in a thermos with lemon and hot water. Leave the composition overnight, drain, drink with honey.
      • Principle of operation:

        • increase in power;
        • stimulation of blood circulation;
        • strengthening the erection;
        • immunomodulatory effect;
        • increased libido.
Ginger root for penis enlargement

General contraindications to herbal infusions:

  • plant intolerance;
  • tendency to allergic reactions;
  • severe pathologies of the digestive system.

Do not expect quick changes. But in the course of herbal medicine, you will not only improve the parameters of the phallus, but also improve your health in a comprehensive way.

These recipes have a beneficial effect on strength, erection, libido and prevent diseases of the genitourinary system.

Dangerous methods of self-expansion

Not all techniques practiced by men to build phalluses are suitable for home application. We conducted a study, gathering all existing methods, getting acquainted with the guidelines and risks.

After consulting with medical specialists, the following were identified as the most dangerous:

  • cargo suspension- an effective but extremely traumatic technique, which most often leads to rupture and hematoma of the penile tissue;
  • vacuum pump- if you practice the method under the supervision of a doctor, the result will be without side effects, independent use of the pump often ends with vascular injuries, hematomas;
  • hormones- the use of drugs with hormonal composition without the appointment and control of a doctor leads to serious and sometimes irreparable pathological changes;
  • stimulant pills- strength medications prescribed by a doctor in case of erectile dysfunction, independent use causes a range of serious side effects;
  • yll balsam- a controversial technique, which implies a series of side effects, negative reactions of the body, if not performed properly;
  • a vacuum cleaner- many people use this technique to create a vacuum, but most often it ends up with injuries, bleeding, inflammation;
  • plots- Experts advise you to turn to higher powers, promising results, but only hard daily work can make a difference.

Never use someone else's tips for penis enlargement at home. What suits one person can hurt another. To minimize the risks, consult your doctor before starting the procedures.

Reactions on the use of folk remedies

Reviews of men and doctors can act as a basis of evidence if you doubt the suitability of a particular folk remedy. We analyzed many responses in men forums, specialized websites, got acquainted with medical practice and statistics.


  1. Son, 24 years old. "I have been improving my dignity for a year. At first I switched to the right food, got rid of bad habits. Then I started combining some popular recipes - massage with honey, taking herbal infusions. I scored the first results after 3 months. "I took a break for a month, mine +2 cm did not go away. Now I plan to repeat the course, suddenly it will be possible to add more parameters. "
  2. Son, 25 years old. "I liked the soda method, especially helps before sex, when you want to surprise a girl with a strong erection. At first I took baths before intimacy. Then I started rubbing soda paste, making compresses. A month later I measured the lengthit turned out to have grown by 1 cm. Follow the instructions, so there was no burning sensation, no pain. "
  3. Man, 32 years old. "I went to a urologist at a private clinic to find a way to enlarge my penis. I refused surgery, so they found an alternative way - the introduction of Vaseline injections. The result was insignificant, but immediate - plus 1 cm in length"and 0. 5 cm thick. It lasted several months. I recommend the technique, but not for independent use. "
  4. Man, 36 years old. "I have been dealing with beekeeping for many years. So I decided to try a propolis-based ointment to increase male strength. I followed the instructions, rubbed it for a long time. The erection got stronger, I started to get sick less often with various diseases. of the genitourinary system. As such I have not noticed an increase in size ".


  1. Andrologist, with 10 years of experience. "Men of all ages often approach me with the desire to enlarge their penis. For me, alternative methods with proven effectiveness are a priority. I prescribe a course of ginseng tincture, Ginkgo biloba. These herbs have long been practiced by orientalists. Medicine"so I trust them. "
  2. Urologist, 18 years of work experience. "I think the size of the penis can change depending on a man's high potency, strong erection. I can not choose one of these methods. But if you combine herbs, massage, ointments and soda procedures, the effect is possible"Vaseline injections are a dubious proposition. "
  3. Urologist, 25 years of experience. "I do not advise my patients to follow the large size of the phallus, this is not the main thing. But I strongly recommend maintaining an erection. One of the methods under consideration, phytotherapy, has proven effective. Ginkgo biloba, ginseng and ginger - can t'use all of these alternately or in parallel, but follow the recipes. "


Popular ways - the best alternative to the phallus withdrawal operation, support for other programs. We have shown not only effective methods and guidelines, but also dubious ideas that should be rejected. Not all recipes will be helpful, some of them can do harm.