How to enlarge penis with soda and how effective it is

A man is unhappy with the size of his penis and wants an increase with soda

If you are interested in the question of how to enlarge penis with soda, you probably have dissatisfaction with penis size. Radical measures are not for you, and surgery requires a doctor's prescription. There are many alternative options, including home treatments using baking soda. How many centimeters you can increase the thickness, the length of the penis, you will learn below detailed recipes and instructions. Keep in mind that this is not the safest way and we do not recommend it. Therefore, we will mention the contraindications, the possible risks.

Benefits of baking soda for the penis

To understand whether it is possible to change the size of the penis for the better with the help of soda, let us first talk about the beneficial properties of such a tool.

  1. Skin irritation at the application site. This increases blood circulation, activates blood circulation and this leads to a temporary swelling of the penis.
  2. Improving erection. Local exposure on a regular basis increases blood flow to the genital area, this has a positive effect on erectile function. The tissues fill with blood faster and stronger, ensuring a stronger erection.
  3. Disease prevention. The results of numerous medical studies have shown that moderate local skin irritation with soda prevents diseases of the pelvic organs.
  4. Fast result. Baking soda can be used in emergencies when you have sex with a woman and want to impress her with a strong and long-lasting erection.
  5. Suitable for home use. If you do not want to go to the doctor, choose medications or radical methods of penis enlargement, you can use the help of a powder that is always nearby.
  6. Availability. You do not need to spend a lot of money to perform manipulations to improve erection and penis enlargement. Soda costs a penny, you can buy it in any store.
  7. Disinfection. Sodium bicarbonate is an excellent antimicrobial, antifungal agent. Cleanses the skin from pathogenic bacteria, heals.
  8. Anti-inflammatory effect. With proper use of such a tool, you can quickly stop the inflammatory process. Therefore, soda is used to prevent and treat prostatitis in the initial pores.
  9. cleaning. Regular use of soda removes toxins from the body. Suction properties are possible in case of internal application.
  10. Anesthesia. Sodium bicarbonate is a mild and safe analgesic. Proper use eliminates pain syndrome of various etiologies.

In terms of penis size, soda leads to dilation of blood vessels, increasing their blood supply.

Blood flow to the penis causes the cavernous bodies to stretch more, increasing their elasticity. Regular procedures adjust the results, the erection becomes stronger, stronger, longer, because of this there is an increase.

Benefits of using baking soda for the penis

Is it true that only the use of soda can enhance the male organ at home? As the practice of many men who regularly use the powder according to certain recipes and rules shows, the results are really possible.

The effect is due to the effect of blood thinning, vasodilation, which is necessary for the rapid achievement of an erection.In a liquid consistency, blood circulates more easily and more quickly throughout the pelvic organs.

This prevents the formation of blood clots, congestive processes of the genitourinary system. Regularity is the main guarantee for getting results, as only continuous procedures will mechanically lengthen the penis tissue under the rush of a large volume of blood. Through tests, experiments, research, it was even possible to show how many centimeters the organ will grow and how long the result will last.

How much can you increase

Simple methods and recipes for using soda for penis enlargement lead to good changes in parameters.

The real experience of men who have used this product topically, inside for a long time, has shown that the average increase in thickness and length can be 2-3 cm.But this is possible only with strict adherence to instructions, long work. Positive dynamics is already observed in a month.

How long does the result last

It is possible to increase the length and thickness of the reproductive organ, you are required to use the product correctly, to observe safety measures, instructions and recipes developed.

Once you have achieved results, do not rush to drop out of class. Every month, take a 1-2 week break and move on, otherwise you will not be able to save the fruits of your efforts.

Instructions for using baking soda for penis enlargement

For those who failed to increase the desired length and thickness of the genitals during puberty, an interesting and affordable technique has been proposed - the use of baking soda. It includes contraindications, risks, so it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Soda paste for penis enlargement with massage

Once approved, follow these steps:

  • preparation for home procedures;
  • the main part of their behavior;
  • recovery.

If you go through any stages, not only can you not increase the size of your reproductive organ, but also damage your health with side effects. Therefore, before proceeding with active actions, carefully read all the instructions, make sure you are ready to follow them fully.

Preparatory phase

No method of penis enlargement will help if you do not prepare for them beforehand.

In the context of soda penis enlargement, we recommend:

  • buy quality soda, the savings are unsuitable for such an activity;
  • test the skin for an allergic reaction, apply a small amount of powder to the wet area of the elbow bend (if redness, itching occurs, the technique is contraindicated);
  • before each procedure, steam the skin of the penis, for this, make a compress with a towel soaked in warm water, organ bath, take a shower;
  • if you use additional ingredients (for example, honey, herb, bath utensils), prepare everything in advance;
  • Always keep dry napkins on hand to remove excess baking soda at the end.

Basic Procedure

Now that you are ready to tin, choose the right baking soda recipes or combine several at once to enhance the effect. But do not deviate from the recommendations, uncontrolled use of soda can cause side effects.

There are several application options:

  • banjot;
  • massage;
  • compress.


Soda baths effectively eliminate inflammation of the genitourinary system, eliminate fungi and germs, cleanse toxins and toxins and improve metabolic processes.

It is better to take them in the evening by preparing a solution according to the following recipe:

  • Mix 3 liters of boiling water with a pack of soda;
  • draw warm water into the bath;
  • add soda solution.

It is necessary to take such a bath no more than 25-30 minutes every day.

Finally, be sure to rinse it off with a cool shower to remove powder residue, tone your body and speed up blood circulation. This effect guarantees the delivery of important body components to the genitals.

After a soda shower, a man should take a fresh shower.

Another option is a small bath just for the penis.To do this, take a teaspoon of powder per 200 grams of warm boiled water. In the resulting solution, soak the penis for 10-15 minutes. Finally, rinse it with clean water, wrap it to keep it warm longer. It is necessary to perform such manipulations one hour before sexual intercourse, ensuring a strong erection.


You can increase your dignity by massaging with soda. It is important to observe the fit and the sense of proportion so as not to damage the delicate skin of the organ. The main task of massage is to warm the tissues, increase local blood circulation, stretch the cavernous tissues of the penis.

The principle of massage is simple:

  • mix water with soda in equal proportions;
  • apply the mixture on the skin of the penis;
  • perform friction, smoothing movements;
  • move your hands from the base of the penis to the head;
  • it is not necessary to expose and touch the head, so as not to damage the mucosa;
  • massage for about 20 minutes;
  • Finally, rinse the body with warm, clean water.

For better gliding, you can use vegetable oil instead of water.For this you need:

  • lubricate the skin of the body with vegetable oil (olive oil is best);
  • top with sodium bicarbonate;
  • perform light massage movements from the root to the head;
  • avoid contact with the head, as in the previous method;
  • finally, wash the body with warm soapy water.
When massaging the penis with soda, it is necessary to use vegetable oil

Another additional component you can use in massage is honey.For such a procedure you will need:

  • prepare a mixture of equal amounts of honey and soda;
  • mix well;
  • apply the measure to the shaft of the penis;
  • massage with light rubbing movements;
  • after 3-4 minutes, wash the body with warm soapy water.

Each technique aims at the mechanical stretching of the tissue.

After the massage, relax, take a horizontal body position. For some time, the body will need to recover, as it happens after each massage procedure.


The most popular penis enlargement technique with soda is compresses. Its differences are the simplicity and speed of preparation, minimal effort, excellent effect.

What to do:

  • take 100 ml of warm water;
  • dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of powder in it;
  • take a piece of gauze, fold in several layers;
  • moisten the compress with the mixture, wrap the penis;
  • remove the compress after a few minutes;
  • Rinse the body with warm, clean water or wipe with a towel.

Perform such compresses regularly for up to 30 consecutive days.

If you skip the procedures, this will reduce their effectiveness.

Periodically, essential oils (cypress, cardamom, needles, etc. ) can be added to the mixture. Esters have a positive effect on overall well-being, relieve stress and fatigue.


After any of the manipulations described above, it is advisable to relax, lie down for a while.Do not rush back immediately to your usual chores and worries, the body needs strength to restore blood flow, otherwise a stress reaction cannot be avoided.

Taking baking soda by mouth to enlarge penis

You can complete the procedures by taking soda inside. This promises a positive effect not only on blood vessels and blood circulation, but on the whole organism. Also, slag removal, normalization of metabolic processes and disease prevention are observed. In such a case, it is important to follow the instructions so as not to harm your health.

Mode of ingestion:

  • start with small doses of such a powder, a quarter teaspoon 2 times daily between meals;
  • Gradually bring a single dose to 1 teaspoon, but so as not to have discomfort and side effects;
  • dilute the soda in clean warm water - a small spoon in half a glass of water, then take on an empty stomach.

This method does not actually directly affect the function of the penis and its size.

Prolonged and moderate use thins the blood, improves blood circulation, it will make it much easier for you to achieve a strong erection. Before starting such manipulations, make sure that there are no contraindications.

Additional tricks to increase the effect of soda

In parallel with such procedures, you can practice other methods of penis enlargement. These are safe and effective options that do not require consulting a doctor. They are compatible with baths, massages, compresses with soda. For example:

  1. vacuum pump. Safe device for improving erection. Regular use guarantees an increase of up to 10% in length. The penis is placed inside the balloon, the opposite pressure forcefully draws blood to the cavernous bodies, stretching them.
  2. jelqing. A technique reminiscent of masturbation, but without ejaculation. The penis is warmed before the action begins, a lubricant is applied, after which a ring is made from the index finger and thumb and the penis extends from the base to the head. Exercises are initially practiced 2 times a day, over time more often.

Contraindications to the use of soda

Despite the fact that soda is available in every home, not everyone can use it for such purposes. The product has a number of contraindications.

If you want to stick to recipes for baths, compresses or massages, this will not be acceptable when:

  • the presence of wounds, scratches, rashes on the skin of the genital organ;
  • intolerance to the drug, the presence of an allergic reaction;
  • penile pathologies of a congenital, acquired nature.

There are also contraindications to the internal use of soda solution:

  • digestive tract pathologies caused by an imbalance in acid balance;
  • peptic ulcer;
  • allergic reactions to sodium bicarbonate.

Always pay attention to product expiration dates. If the date is coming to an end or has already exceeded the acceptable limit, it is better to refuse to use it.

Signs of poor quality - a yellow tinge, a specific odor.

Potential risks

Any penis enlargement tool or technique has its own contraindications and side effects. This also applies to the above recipes with sodium bicarbonate.

Allergy in the form of swelling and redness is a possible side effect of soda use.

Irrational use threatens such risks:

  • development of allergic reactions, for example, swelling, redness of the skin, burning, respiratory depression;
  • swelling in the genital area;
  • upset stools when taken by mouth, bloating, heartburn, bloating in the lower abdomen;
  • burning, pain in the genital area;
  • erectile dysfunction, potency problems;
  • pain during intercourse;
  • spider veins on the skin of the genitals;
  • adhesion of a secondary infection with rash, purulent formations, painful urination.

Of all the existing methods of penis enlargement, this is a relatively safe measure. But the results it guarantees are temporary.

It is good if you combine the above recipes and instructions with other effective methods.

Men's reviews

  1. "The first time I tried baking soda as a compress, the result was unsatisfactory. But this for the fact that I overexposed it for more than the indicated time, the skin reddened and burned a little. In the future, he acted cautiously, fordue to which the member was more immersed in the blood. Thanks to this, I manage to stay in bed longer before the onset of orgasm.
  2. "For a long time I started to notice that the penis seemed to be smaller in size, this is especially noticeable during an erection. I decided to try soda, took a bath for a week. After that, the result was insignificant, about 0"5 cm in length and thickness. But on the other hand, the erection comes faster and stronger. "
  3. "I was not impressed by this technique from the word 'completely. 'decided to try other ways.
  4. "I do not consider this method effective if you do nothing else in parallel to enlarge the penis. Massage, the use of special sprays, creams, ointments, tightening exercises help in its growth. And soda is, on the contrary, an auxiliary measure.


You can increase the size of the penis with soda, if you combine different methods - baths, compresses, cleansing, massage. We also recommend other methods that can be combined with soda recipes - jelqing, pump. Alternative medicine also suggests taking soda inside. Doctors' opinions on whether fine-grained dust can affect the microcirculation of blood in the penis are controversial, as are comments on this.