How To Enlarge A Male Penis With Soda And Is It Possible To Enlarge Penis With Ordinary Soda

Penis enlargement with soda at home is performed in different ways. Each of them is worth considering in more detail.

oral administration

Penis enlargement with soda is also performed by taking the medicine inside. To do this, prepare a solution with half a teaspoon of the product and a glass of milk. The resulting medicine is taken daily for a month.

Soda improves blood circulation, which helps in enlarging the penis. Also, the product has a positive effect on sperm quality and sperm viability.

Soda solution helps not only to increase male dignity, but also to cleanse the body, prevent the formation of malignant tumors, normalize substance metabolism and lose excess body weight.


The intestines are the most important digestive organ. In case of problems in its activity, the blood supply to the genitals is disrupted. Therefore, it is believed that by cleansing the intestines, you can achieve better results in penis enlargement.

For cleaning, microclips are made with a soda solution. Prepare as follows: pour a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate with a liter of warm water previously boiled. Enemas are given once a day. The course of therapy is 30 days.

Baths with alkali

Another way to enlarge the penis with baking soda is to take alkaline baths. To do this, 500 g of soda product is dissolved in 3 liters of water and then added to the bath. The water temperature should be comfortable for the body. It is recommended to take a bath no more than half an hour and finally use a contrast shower.

Soda baths help to make manhood thicker and longer. In addition, this method allows you to prevent the occurrence of inflammation of the prostate gland and genitals, save the body from harmful substances.

soda bath for penis enlargement

After the bath, you should take a contrast bath to restore normal blood circulation.

You can also prepare concentrated baths in which you just have to sit.

In this case, the soda content to enlarge the male organ will be higher, so it is important that there is no damage to the skin of the penis. Otherwise, there will be an unpleasant burning sensation.


A good option for penis enlargement with soda are compresses. To do this, mix 10 tablespoons of the product with a liter of hot water. They then take a strip of a little natural fabric, lower it into the solution, and wrap it around the penis.

Leave the compress on for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

It is recommended to perform the procedure 3 times a day. Thanks to him, blood circulation increases rapidly, which leads to lengthening and thickening of the male penis.


Penis enlargement with baking soda is also performed through massage. The procedure improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolic processes. All this has a beneficial effect in improving the dimensions of male dignity.

The massage is performed as follows:

  1. The skin of the penis is pre-heated. To do this, you can use a towel soaked in hot water.
  2. Wet your hands a little and pour a small amount of soda on them.
  3. Slight rubbing movements massage the reproductive organ, moving from the base to the frenulum.
  4. After the procedure, the soda product is washed with warm water.

Massage is recommended in the evening before going to bed. After the procedure, you should lie down a bit, let the body rest. The frequency of massage is 2 times a week.


To enlarge the penis with soda, a special cleanser is prepared. For this purpose, a mixture of water and food product is made in a 1: 1 ratio. The result should be granular. To increase the effect, a small spoonful of liquid honey and a few drops of essential oil are added to this mass, which can stimulate blood circulation.

The water in this recipe can be completely replaced with vegetable oils. But just do not use a sunflower product. Thanks to them, in addition to enlarging the penis, it will be possible to improve the condition of the skin, accelerate tissue healing and prevent the development of inflammation.

To enlarge the penis, you need to apply a scrub on its surface with a thin and even layer and rub it in a circular motion. The procedure is recommended to be performed no more than 3 times a week.

Preparatory activities

Like any physical activity, resizing with exercise requires important preparatory measures. These actions should be performed before any penis enlargement training. This solution will not only contribute to high efficiency, but will also increase the ability of the internal elements to withstand high loads and all kinds of bending, twisting and high pressure actions.

Preparation begins with a shower or bath and it is important to use antibacterial agents. This is due to the fact that during some procedures, slight damage to the skin is possible, it may even be invisible, but for germs it is a cheap way to enter the body. After that, wipe with a dry towel. The inguinal area, ie the penis, should be fully heated. You can use a hot compress or just dip your penis in warm water. This will help to relax the interior elements, so that they are more suitable for correction. It is important to take care of the right place for gymnastics, it should be protected from prying eyes, as not everyone will understand such actions. Some exercises require stretching, so you need to get a mat, you can buy a special fitness mat.

Exercises before penis enlargement with soda

After all the preparatory measures, you can continue the exercises yourself, without fear of complications and organ damage. However, sudden and hasty actions should be abandoned immediately.

4. Train the pubococcygeal muscle Kegel

This is the same muscle, because of which we can stop the flow of fluid when we go in a small way.

Also, during an erection, it is this muscle that helps our friend jump.

It is directly related to the following factors:

  • bed stability;
  • improving blood flow to the desired organs;
  • achieving the required testosterone level;
  • increased sensitivity during intimacy.

How to use baking soda to enhance the male organ

You can learn how to properly use a substance for penis enlargement not only from publications but also from reviews of men who have applied this technique in practice.

Penis enlargement with sodium bicarbonate is an effective measure, although it solves the problem temporarily. Soda is not able to correct congenital pathology, but allows you to strengthen the erection during sexual intercourse.

Many representatives of the stronger sex, after reading or hearing about the effect of soda on penis size, are asking - how to enlarge a member with soda, what recipes exist and is it possible?

Measuring the penis before growth with soda

Recently, a method of resizing manhood using sodium bicarbonate has become popular. The substance is used internally, for baths and creams, included in massage procedures. The effect after soda therapy does not occur immediately. Initial results are recorded after regular use, after a few months. According to experts, the indicators after the use of soda are not bad, a faster change in the size of an organ is possible only through plastic surgery.

Useful properties of soda

Baking soda contains a bicarbonate anion and a sodium cation. The combination of these substances when it enters the human body has a positive effect. After taking the soda inside, within a few minutes, the acid-base balance normalizes, resulting in:

  • blood pressure stabilizes;
  • existing swelling is reduced, as soda acts on the kidneys and removes harmful acids;
  • increases the rate of oxygen absorption through the tissue covering;
  • energy and biological processes are restored to the cellular level;
  • hemodynamics return to normal.

Soda helps with:

  • bronchitis;
  • urth;
  • fungal infections;
  • burns, especially acid;
  • problems with facial skin and hair, with plaques
  • obesity. Soda baths tighten the body eliminating excess pounds.

Under the influence of soda, due to the healing processes in the body after taking it: improves general well-being and psychological state, ie increases appetite, mood and ability to work.

Impact on male dignity

Ordinary baking soda is used to enlarge the penis, but it is used inside and out.

The positive effects of the product on the male genitals are as follows:

  1. Elimination of harmful microorganisms from the penis - recommended for use in case of an infectious disease that requires antiseptic treatments.
  2. Soda stimulates testosterone production, has a positive effect on sex life.
  3. Promotes the removal of toxins and toxins - helps in the production of hormones.
  4. With the help of soda, they get rid of the initial stage of prostatitis, as it has an anti-inflammatory effect.
The man learns ways to enlarge the penis with baking soda

The male body has its own distinctive features. Men's health problems should be addressed immediately. Psychological factors play an important role in the quality of sex life in men. If women can freely discuss some issues between them, for example, how someone fights thrush, then it is not customary to discuss such topics between men.

Given that an integrated approach to treating men's health is required, it is always necessary to start with a visit to specialists.

soda baths for penis enlargement

Only then is it possible to engage in treatment with a popular method - the use of baking soda.

Why are penile exercises so effective?

Penis enlargement exercises can be found in almost every culture in the world due to their ease of implementation and high level of effectiveness. Most of them aim at stretching the tissues and regulating blood circulation, because these are the most important principles of erection. Exercises should start smoothly, in the first stages 15 minutes a day will suffice, this will allow the structural elements of the penis to get used to such manipulations. Gradually, the time can be increased to 30 minutes, experts recommend doing aerobics to enlarge the penis immediately after waking up in the morning or just before bedtime.

aerobics before penis enlargement with soda

Gymnastics and similar exercises have a number of advantages, due to which millions of men choose this particular method of lengthening their reproductive organ. This includes:

  • regulation of the circulatory system;
  • penis extension;
  • exercise stimulates the production of sex hormone - testosterone, which has a positive effect on potency, and this will significantly improve sex life;
  • systematic manipulations make it possible to find weaknesses in the male body that can be eliminated after a while;
  • physical activity increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, including the cavernous bodies of the penis;
  • production of androgen hormones and adrenaline, which contributes to the normalization of the nervous system, so you can quickly cope with stress and depression;
  • filling the trunk with blood, which contributes to its growth;
  • elimination of overload;
  • a positive effect is achieved after 3 months;
  • minimum number of side effects;
  • after exercise, muscle tone increases and mood improves;
  • if all the rules are followed, there are no complications.

Surgical penis enlargement

Faloplasty is performed in special clinics with local anesthesia and can aim to increase both the length of the penis and its thickness. The advantages of this method are obvious - the penis will enlarge once and for all. Surgical intervention allows you to lengthen the penis up to 4 cm. But there will be a scar on the body of the penis, which in most cases is hard to miss.

The essence of penis lengthening surgery is the incision of the supporting muscle of the organ, located at its base, and its displacement slightly below. The result of the extension depends on how many centimeters the supporting muscle "moves". The fact that the operation was postponed, will be indicated not only by the scar, but also by the most horizontal position of the organ in an elevated position. Penis enlargement surgery is anemic and lasts no more than 40 minutes.

Faloplasty, which aims to thicken the penis, consists of removing adipose tissue from a man's buttocks and thighs and inserting it under the skin of the penis. The volume of adipose tissue transplanted in the body of the penis can reach up to 200 ml, it all depends on the desired result and the professionalism of the surgeon. The fat is distributed throughout the width of the penis for several days, during which a special bandage is applied to the body. Unlike penis enlargement surgery, which is performed once and the results last a lifetime, volumetric falloplasty does not provide a long-term guarantee and in some cases only lasts 1 or 2 years.

How to enlarge penis with soda

The main method actively used is rubbing soda on the male genitals. You must first prepare the sensitive organ for this procedure. To do this, it is steamed, for example, when taking a bath or shower.

woman in bed with a man who enlarged his cock with soda

The scrotum also grows, but it is not necessary to undergo the soda treatment procedure.

There are several ways to rub makeup on the penis:

  1. Massage with vegetable oil. The male organ (raised or at rest) is lubricated along its entire length with a thin layer of heated vegetable oil. Soda is applied over the formed film, which should be rubbed into the penis with gentle movements. It is performed not until all the ingredients of the massage are dry, but approximately 4-6 minutes. That will suffice.
  2. Massage with honey. This method will not only increase the size of manhood, but will also significantly increase its sensitivity. Unlike the first method, here you have to pre-mix the ingredients for the massage, ie the soda itself and the natural honey, in equal proportions. The resulting mass is applied to the entire surface of the penis and rubbed with light massage movements.
  3. Bathrooms are a very effective and simple way. You should take a glass of boiled water but just a little warm and dilute a teaspoon of table soda in it. After that, the penis sits on the resulting solution. Nothing more needs to be done. It is recommended to take a bath for an hour, not more than once a day.
  4. Scrubs - if you rub the penis with the composition, after moistening it with warm water, the result will be very good. According to some reviews, for two or three months of continuous use of this substance as a cleanser, the length of the penis can be increased by several centimeters. The essence of the procedure lies in the fact that it stimulates blood flow to the male genitals.


There are several ways to enlarge the penis with baking soda. However, before proceeding with any procedure, it is recommended to consult a qualified specialist.

Massage with soda

soda compress for penis enlargement

This procedure is the most popular, but to achieve a positive effect, it must be performed correctly and systematically. Before proceeding directly to the massage, you should prepare the penis. To do this, you need to take a soft towel, soak it in lukewarm water and then wrap it around your penis. After a few minutes, the procedure is repeated, and so 3-4 times.

You can choose any exercise, but it is worth considering that their purpose should be penis enlargement. During a break between exercises, it is necessary to normalize blood circulation in the body, for this it should be massaged with light movements. Sodium bicarbonate is recommended for this relaxing massage. To do this, you need to collect a little soda in the palm of your hand and then make light rubbing movements. After the massage, it takes 15-20 minutes. lie down, relax as much as possible.

Compresses with soda

This method is also widely used by men to enlarge their penis. To make a sodium bicarbonate solution suitable for a compress, it is necessary to pour 100 mg of lukewarm water into a container and pour 1 or 2 tablespoons of the substance into it. Everything mixes well. Once you need to get such a piece of gauze so that they can completely wrap around the whole penis. It is soaked in the resulting mixture and wrapped around the genitals. Remove the compress after a few minutes.

Such compresses should be done daily for 30 days. If the procedures are performed irregularly, then there will be little sense of them. If desired, a few drops of aromatic oil can be added to the mixture, while masculine scents (cypress, cardamom, etc. ) should be used. This will allow the husband to relieve stress.

Ingestion of soda

soda powder for penis enlargement

It is recommended to take sodium bicarbonate by mouth at the same time as exercises aimed at lengthening the penis. She is able to dilute the blood. Because of this, the blood supply to the penis will increase, which will positively affect the outcome of the exercises.

Drinking a soda soda is recommended every morning on an empty stomach. To prepare it, you need to take 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and 200 ml of lukewarm water. However, it is recommended that you start taking soda from the third part of a small spoon. Then the amount of the substance should be increased gradually.

Massage with soda oil

To perform this procedure, you will need to lubricate the genitals with some vegetable oil. Subsequently, sodium bicarbonate should be applied to the entire length of the organ. After that, you should massage the penis along its entire length, performing light rubbing movements. You should not press hard, as this can damage the delicate skin. The massage should be performed for 3-5 minutes.

soda bath

To make such a bath, you need to prepare a mixture consisting of water and sodium bicarbonate (for 1 liter of water take 1 tablespoon of the substance). The water temperature should be between 38-41 degrees. The duration of the bath is about 15 minutes.

Useful properties of soda

The main ones include:

  • anti-inflammatory effect (helps cure prostatitis);
  • antimicrobial (kills microorganisms that cause inflammation in prostate tissue);
  • immunostimulatory properties (increases the body's resistance);
  • antitumor (alkaline solutions contribute to the destruction of tumor cells);
  • stimulation of metabolism (promotes the secretion of metabolic products);
  • increases blood supply and small pelvic circulation (eliminates erectile dysfunction).

Measuring the length of the penis in normal condition (without erection)

I recommend measuring the length of an unstressed penis as follows:

  • Stand up straight and take the cock in your hand in front of you. (Do not stretch it, otherwise it will distort the measurement result).
  • With your free hand, take a measuring tape or ruler and measure your friend's length.
  • Write the result on a piece of paper.

Instructions for use

Before starting the application of the method, it is mandatory to perform a sensitivity test. On a small area of skin of the penis, you should apply a baking soda. If after 25 minutes there is no burning or redness, you can continue with the procedure.

The most effective and popular way to enlarge penis with soda is massage. For good results, the procedure should be performed correctly, regularly and taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

The massage is performed very carefully, as the skin of the penis is quite thin and sensitive, and rough movements and strong rubbing can damage the skin of the organ.


2 packets of soda are dissolved in a few liters of water and the concentrated solution is poured into a water bath. The duration of the procedure is not more than 20 minutes. After you need to take a contrast bath to restore normal blood circulation. An alkaline bath will increase the penis and improve overall health, as under the influence of soda increases the metabolic process in dermis cells, eliminates inflammatory foci in the genitals and prevents the development of prostatitis and malignant pathologies.

Taking an alkaline bath can be replaced with mini-baths. Dissolve 1 tablespoon in a glass of water. soda and lower the penis there for no more than 15 minutes.


Dissolve 3 tablespoons in 200 ml of water. soda. The resulting solution is moistened with gauze and glued to the body. The procedure should take no more than 15 minutes. A drop of essential oil can be added to the aqueous solution to increase effectiveness.

Ingestion of soda

Combining massage, compresses or baths with the use of baking soda inside helps to achieve the highest efficiency. According to the instructions, soda should be drunk twice a day. You should start with a minimum dose of 1⁄4 teaspoon, gradually increasing the amount to 1 tablespoon.

Preparing for penis enlargement with soda

Understanding the topic of whether soda can increase penis size, you need to explore different ways to use the product:

  1. Apply olive oil on the surface of the penis - it completely softens the delicate skin. Then comes the use of soda. It should be applied with gentle massaging movements. The manipulation is required to continue for a few minutes, then rinse the soda residue thoroughly with water and lubricate the penis with a moisturizer that helps prevent irritation.
  2. Does baking soda make your penis bigger when you steam it in the bathtub? Yes, this is an effective way to instantly increase dignity. How to use soda in this version? Dilute 1 tablespoon. l. substance in warm water (1 liter of juice is enough). Put the reproductive organ in the bath for a quarter of an hour. After the procedure, wash off the remnants of the composition, apply a moisturizer.
  3. As a means of enlarging the penis, it is recommended to use baking soda with honey, stirring the products in equal proportions. Apply the ointment on the genitals, wait a few minutes and then massage the penis with your hands. Such a recipe, in addition to increasing the size, increases the sensitivity of the head of the organ, which is useful before sexual contact to increase the sensations.

Many articles have been written about how soda affects manhood. Soda compresses are a proven option for penis enlargement. Prepare a strong solution (1 tablespoon per glass of slightly warm water). Dip the gauze into it, then wrap the penis with a cloth, wait five minutes. Using this technique, increase the size of the genitals will be guaranteed!

While you are in the bathroom, perform light penis stretching movements. To do this, grasp the organ with two fingers, which move towards the head. A necessary condition: the absence of pain, burning or other discomfort. If this condition is noticed, stop the procedure. The method of stretching the penis in the bath is an excellent opportunity to ensure the proper functioning of blood vessels.