Is it possible to enlarge the penis? How many centimeters are real? Truth and myths

According to many sexologists, a large penis is not able to solve all the problems in intimate life. After all, having a long, thick penis is not all a man needs. He should also consider the partner's preferences, listen to her opinion and monitor how she feels during sex. However, despite this, many representatives of the stronger sex still consider that insufficient length of the phallus is the source of all worries in relationships with women and therefore constantly look for ways to increase it.

In this case, they have a completely right question, whether there really are effective methods of penis enlargement or it is already impossible to change what is given by nature. To respond to scientists from the Polish Research Institute, who conducted a number of laboratory and clinical experiments with the participation of more than two thousand men.

Review of penis enlargement methods and their true effectiveness

There are three main ways a penis can grow:

  • special preparations;
  • Surgical intervention;
  • hardware technique.

Penis enlargement by medication is considered to be the most popular, as there are not many people who want to go under the surgeon’s knife or spend money on vacuum pumps and other equipment. Due to the high demand for "supplementary" drugs, scientists from the Polish Research Institute tested their effectiveness in the first place.

Laboratory experiments to identify methods of penis enlargement

Important!When choosing the desired option, you should first consult with your surgeon and urologist. The doctor will prescribe a computed tomography or ultrasound of the pelvic organs in order to rule out pathologies that are contraindicated for any technique.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis with medication?

Now finding the right tool to enlarge your penis is not as difficult as it was a few years ago. The internet is full of words with various ads where a man is offered gels, creams, sprays or pills that help, according to the manufacturer, add a few extra inches to the genitals in just 2-3 weeks. They are cheap and available to anyone, so the demand for them is higher than for other techniques. However, in practice, only a few were able to achieve positive results.

The result of penis enlargement

The reason penis enlargement drugs do not help everyone is the active activity of cheaters. They regularly supply fakes on the market, which not only do not solve the problem of a short penis, but sometimes harm health, causing allergic reactions, dermatitis, skin inflammation in the intimate area, etc.

Also, the chances of a positive effect from the medication are reduced by:

  • non-compliance with instructions;
  • improper storage;
  • a change in a single decreasing dose;
  • premature cessation of the course of drug use;
  • ignoring the advice of doctors;
  • the combination of one drug with another similar, due to which a chemical reaction of the substances that make up both funds occurs, causing the loss of their properties.

According to the results of the study, it became known that an increase in the penis from medication is not a myth, but for this it will take a long time to look for original products and strictly follow its instructions, which does notit is always possible due to the active lifestyle of a modern person. Any deviation from the manual or change in the product usage scheme will reduce the entire phallus growth process to zero.

Preparations for penis enlargement

In parallel with determining the level of effectiveness of "extension" drugs, representatives of the Polish Research Institute have identified tools that can help men increase penis size by 1. 5-2 centimeters (maximum result from the use of creams, sprays ortablets).

Funds are presented in the form of tablets and in the form of topical preparations. They mainly consist of herbal ingredients, but also include synthetic ingredients. Their principle of action is to increase blood flow to the genitals, under the pressure of which the cave corpus chambers expand and the penis stretches over time.

The extended member retains his condition for several months after discontinuation of the drug. After this period, the genital organ loses the acquired size. They will need to be constantly maintained, periodically resuming taking pills or treating the skin of the penis with tools for external use. This is the main disadvantage of prolonging phallus medications. However, for some men, this is not a problem. They regularly use "additive" drugs and are quite happy with their effect.

Characteristics of surgical intervention

In order to find out how good surgery is compared to a medication technique, you do not even need to do any special research. Just find out how the operation is going, and all other questions will disappear by themselves.

Penile enlargement surgery

Important!Falloprosthetics is popular among men suffering from moderate to advanced stages of impotence. In this case, rigid or semi-rigid prostheses are used to help hold the penis in place.

Surgical penis enlargement occurs according to the following scheme:

  1. A small incision is made in the penis (about 2-3 cm);
  2. A silicone implant is then inserted into it;
  3. The artificial element extends the penis and expands it in diameter.

This method has many advantages:

  • The result is immediate. The penis is enlarged during surgery and there is no need to wait;
  • Minimum of contraindications;
  • No side effects. The only thing the patient may encounter is inflammation or scarring. This occurs due to infection within the wound through the fault of medical personnel;
  • Maintaining the shape of the penis for a long time;
  • Short period of postoperative wound healing;
  • There are no large marks or very visible marks at the site of implant insertion.

In addition, the advantage of surgical penis lengthening is that the man himself can choose the size of the penis. With the help of prosthetics, it is possible to grow a penis up to 7 centimeters.

Disadvantages of prosthetics

Despite the whole list of positive features, surgery to lengthen the phallus has several disadvantages, namely:

  • the silicone material is brittle and can be damaged during "hard" sex, so you will need to deal with your "dignity" carefully;
  • the implant is deformed and after 5-6 years will have to be replaced with a new one, and this will cost the same as the first operation;
  • Surgical penis enlargement is not without contraindications - congenital or acquired curvature of the penis, fragility of blood vessels, venereal diseases, polyps in the urethral canal.

Myths of genital prosthetics

Representatives of the clinics where falloprosthetics are performed talk about the operation in an exclusively positive way. They assure their potential clients that the procedure is absolutely safe, helps a man get rid of complexes and get a big penis without any problems. In fact, everything looks a little different.

Penile implantation

Below is a list of myths about phallus surgical augmentation that specialists were able to dispel during the research:

  • The effect of the operation is reversible.This is fiction. After implant placement, all tissue is stretched and when removed, the penis resembles an inflated ball. Of course, over time, the cave bodies will take on its original shape and the skin will tighten, but this will take a long time;
  • The procedure is painless. . . This is also not true. The reality is that during surgery, a man is made a small incision under general anesthesia at the base of the penis or in the scrotal region. But after coming out of anesthesia, the patient will feel severe pain in the groin, which can be relieved only with strong anesthetic medication;
  • The implant takes root in 98% of cases.In practice, these figures are lower. Almost 27-33% of men experience a rejection of dentures. This is due to the biological incompatibility of living tissue and artificial material;
  • After the operation, the husband will not face any problems.Unfortunately, after falloprosthetics, a representative of the stronger sex will begin to experience a number of concerns. First, it must be said that the member will be constantly in a semi-elevated state, and this will create some difficulties in daily life. Also, a silicone implant interferes with the ultrasound of the pelvic organs, sometimes displacing and making urination difficult.

Important!Placing an implant is a serious decision. Therefore, you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons of surgery, and only then go to the clinic. In the case of unsuccessful prostheses, it is very difficult to return everything as it was before.

However, no matter what the scientists say, surgical penis enlargement is considered the most effective technique that allows you to achieve the desired goal without much effort. Therefore, if you do not consider some of the details, then implant placement is the only correct choice that can actually lengthen the penis in a short time.

Hardware penis enlargement: myth or reality?

There are many home phallus stretching devices sold in sex and medical stores. They are divided into two categories:

  • extension;
  • vacuum pump.

Extenders are a structure consisting of a push element, a holder and two stretchers. They push the latch from the pubic bone, causing the shaft of the penis to slowly stretch in length.

Extender - device for penis enlargement

Vacuum pumps, unlike extenders, operate in a completely different way. They consist of a lamp that fits over the penis, an air pump hose and a rubber bulb. In advanced models, the device is complemented by an electronic control panel that creates pressure on its own. Some devices are equipped with vaginal attachments. In this case, the pump can be used for both penis enlargement and masturbation, but many can not afford such models.

Penis enlargement with a vacuum pump

Both types of devices are designed with one goal in mind - to stretch the penis. However, in the case of extenders, penis elongation occurs only in length. The penis stretches but becomes thin, which not everyone will like. Therefore, doctors recommend buying exactly the vacuum models, as the pressure created in the process of pumping air from the pump causes the phallus structure to not only lengthen, but also expand in volume.

How much can a member grow from hardware

If we compare the hardware technique with the medical or surgical technique, then it is definitely better than the first and inferior to the latter. When using an extender, the limiting result is 3-4 centimeters, and a vacuum pump extends the penis up to 5, or even 6 cm (depending on how often and for how long to use it).

Member before and after enlargement

However, it is worth remembering that this option is very traumatic. In the process of stretching the phallus, a man will face side effects such as:

  • groin pain;
  • bruising and bruising on the skin of the genital organ;
  • discomfort when touching the penis;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse.

In addition, the penis is likely to take on a bluish tinge and may swell. But do not worry, all the above unpleasant phenomena will disappear on their own. As a last resort, you can use medicines to restore the skin and ease the swelling.

Advantages of hardware technique

Buying an expander or a vacuum pump will suit those who are not ready for surgery and are already disappointed in using penis enlargement products. These devices are guaranteed to extend the phallus and have several advantages:

  • Acceptable price. Now you do not need to constantly spend money on the purchase of oils, tablets or sprays. A vacuum pump or extender purchased once will serve its owner for a lifetime;
  • The result is noticed almost immediately;
  • You cannot catch an infection, other than surgery;
  • Complete anonymity. When you buy equipment, the customer name will be deleted and no one will know about it;
  • It is permissible to combine equipment techniques with other methods of penis enlargement;
  • Using a vacuum pump or extender has a positive effect on potency;
  • There are no contraindications (except congenital or acquired phallus curvature).

Important!Do not use vacuum pumps or extenders when taking blood thinners and pain relievers. Also, the equipment technique should be abandoned for priapism and some forms of leukemia.

Are there other effective options for penis enlargement?

In the forums for men, you can meet users who talk about how the penis can be enlarged with the help of traditional medicine, manual techniques and exercises aimed at strengthening the cave tissue and expanding it in volume.

In fact, all of the above methods either do not work at all, or the effect is so insignificant that it can only be noticed by careful measurement of the penis with a ruler.

In medical practice, not a single fact of phallus enlargement has been recorded using these techniques. All the information that decoctions, homemade creams or massages can enlarge a penis are nothing more than fabrications.

Therefore, doctors advise not to experiment with various dubious methods and insist on contacting a surgeon or purchasing extenders, pumps or "augmentation" medications. This is the only way you can really add a few inches to the genitals and not harm your health.