Is it possible to enlarge the penis

measure the size of the penis before enlarging it

The penis is called masculinity for a reason. Genital size very often affects a man's self-esteem and his confidence in his sexual abilities in front of a woman, masculinity.

The small size of the phallus can cause serious psychological distress and, over time, develop into an inferiority complex.

Some men wonder if their genitals can be enlarged. In fact, there is now a complete list of methods for solving this goal.

Both special tools and surgical intervention are used.

Basic techniques

Conservative techniques include performing regular procedures or exercises that stimulate the growth of penile tissue. As a result, it becomes possible to increase both the length and the perimeter of the penis. The results obtained are usually consistent. However, a small comeback is not ruled out.


This method of increasing penis size is used at home. It consists of performing exercises that are massage of the penis. Anyone can use this technique. The main thing is the availability of free time. In general, jelqing is an ancient technique that has been used by various peoples and tribes for centuries.

The technique is as follows:

  • Erection achievement of approximately 50%. In an elevated condition, jelqing is contraindicated for use. This carries the risk of damaging the blood vessels in the penis. When you are very aroused, you just have to be distracted in order for the erection to decrease.
  • Some lubrication should be applied to the foreskin and the penis itself to reduce trauma. It is undesirable to use shampoo or soap - they dry the skin.
  • The base of the penis should be gripped by tying the index and index finger tighter, and then pulling the penis down toward the head. The movements are performed with the same intensity along the entire length of the penis. They are produced exclusively from the base and go only to the head.
  • Hands should be changed periodically. Ideally, the procedure is similar to milking.

The deadline is exactly one month. The blood supply to the cavernous bodies of the genital organ during this period will be significantly improved.

Suspension of cargo

This technique was used by ancient African tribes. Moreover, they began to perform procedures from early childhood, when the ligaments of the penis are quite elastic. With the systematic impact of the load, the length of the genital organ, as a rule, changed. The thickness remained the same. True, this technique can not be called safe. There is a high risk of serious damage from overuse. Importers it is important to prepare the penis before the procedure.

Initially, manual massage is done. Then a special device is fixed to it, to which the load is further attached. Penis lengthening starts with small loads. Their weight gradually increases. When the exercises are completed, the structure is removed. Then the manual massage is repeated. This improves the blood supply to the cave body.

Then the structure is attached again. Repeat the exercise with a lot of weight. To achieve the desired result, this technique has been used for a long time. Used in the standing, sitting or lying position. However, it should be understood that this method is traumatic and time consuming, so it is rarely used.

Using an extender

The modern alternative to hanging is the stretcher. This method allows you to enlarge the penis both in thickness and length. Moreover, extensions are not traumatic. They are rightly recognized as one of the most effective techniques. The principle of operation is quite simple, and the price is reasonable. There are three basic types of devices: loopback, universal and belt.

Working with the extender causes a minimum of inconvenience and is safe. The result remains forever. Just wear the extender for four to five hours a day. The effect of such a device is due to the natural reaction of the body to the corresponding mechanical action. New cells form in the tissues of the genital organ. As a result, the penis expands. Since biological cells have a three-dimensional structure, the penis will become longer and wider.

It is necessary not to adjust the penis too tightly without sticking your head. When choosing a voltage scale, you need to focus on specific serifs. For the first few weeks, stretcher retention should be kept to a minimum. Then the load gradually increases. During the day, the stretcher should be worn for at least four hours. But every hour you have to take a break of fifteen minutes. The result will depend on how regularly the device is used and how well the instructions are followed.

Use of oils and creams

A common method of penis enlargement is the use of special creams and oils. Their use is reduced to the usual application of funds to the genitals. Before buying such drugs, it is advisable to study their composition, get acquainted with the features of action and the presence of side effects.

For short-term penis enlargement in order to overcome internal complexes, some creams are used, for a long-term effect - others. The first ones work for a few hours. They make a man more confident in himself with intimacy. The latter allow you to increase the width and length of the penis. You should use such creams for at least a month. Their action is due to an increase in blood flow. Because of this, the tissues of the penis grow and regenerate. Such drugs are widespread, easy to use, and the effect, as a rule, remains forever.

Vacuum pump

This method of manual penis enlargement is quite effective. It allows you to change both the length and the diameter of the penis. Furthermore, a vacuum pump is used to treat erection problems. The principle of operation is to create a certain vacuum directly in the cylinder cavity. This stimulates extra blood flow to the penis, resulting in penile enlargement.

Tablet preparations

Many men avoid penis enlargement surgery. Then biologically active additives come to the rescue. They allow you to improve the blood supply to the cavernous bodies of the genital organ. This provides an increase in the thickness and width of the penis. The basis of the preparations is tribullus herb and goat herb, ginseng extract and ginkgo catuaba, dwarf palm and damiana leaves, inosine, cayenne fruit, dodge seeds and hawthorn, vitamin B3 and E. Manufacturers claim a possible penis enlargement up to25%.